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SkySpark Case Study

  • SkySpark Case Study

SkySpark – Solutions for a Sustainable World

Passionate about your business and the good it creates, but concerned about your carbon footprint? Desperate to save money on the huge overhead of energy expenses?

GrowFit gets it. You need energy to produce and distribute. But you need every ounce of energy to be optimized, to protect your financial investment and the environment.

New businesses mean new energy expenditures

The explosion of the cannabis industry is one development that has come under recent scrutiny. While nothing could be greener and more natural than cannabis, the increased demand, along with the need for increased crop dependability and security, has driven production into hyperdrive – and often indoors.

The result?  Cannabis cultivation facilities are using an increasing amount of energy, often electric or natural gas, to maintain all the systems that keep the weed growing to perfection. 

For cannabis cultivators who are passionate about the benefits of marijuana and cannabinoid derivatives, this is a heartbreaking reality. They love what grows from the earth –that’s how they got started in this business. For those who entered cannabis production for profit only, this is a cash-killing challenge. Energy is not cheap. 

Most cannabis production owners are a combination of both earth-loving and business savvy. And they didn’t need a special study to tell them that they are using an environmentally and financially unsustainable amount of energy. Unfortunately, they are often blocked from federal programs that would let them tap into energy-saving grants and subsidies due to marijuana still being illegal on a federal level. And other varying regulations, such as the requirement to be close to retail locations in some states, often force them to produce in areas where large amounts of land for outdoor growth are not available.

The cannabis industry needs intelligent solutions. GrowFit Analytics provides that intelligence to analyze and optimize your energy usage while creating the best environment for your crops. We do this by connecting the cannabis industry to SkySpark – SkyFoundry’s building analytics solution for maximizing energy benefits while reducing consumption and costs.


What is SkySpark?

Every smart device and metered system that you use produces an abundant, overwhelming amount of data. SkyFoundry’s SkySpark software turns that data into something you can use.

Collect –First, SkySpark’s buildings analytics software gathers that data from all your smart and metered devices, your entire IoT (Internet of Things.) This includes your automated grow lights, fertilizing and watering systems, HVAC equipment, temperature, humidity and VPD monitoring systems. 

Have more than one location? SkySpark can collect from all of them and pull that data into one central platform. And SkySpark can connect in multiple ways – through a live link to an automated system or smart meter, an SQL database, a web service feed from a utility, and more. SkySpark can even pull in historical data from your Excel files. Using products from multiple suppliers and brands? No problem – SkySpark isn’t tied to any one brand or model of sensor or equipment.

Organize – Next, SkySpark organizes that data. SkySpark was created specifically for building analytics. It is designed to understand what you need to know, to find what matters

SkySpark analytics uses the industry standard Project Haystack. A Haystack server allows accurate semantic tagging of data, allowing SkySpark’s building analytics program to consume data and interpret operational patterns. SkySpark can identify trends, faults, variations, and anomalies that allow you to monitor the performance and needs of your IoT.

Analyze – SkySpark effectively analyzes this organized data based on the rules and algorithms entered for your specific business. We use Axon — an analytic engine that automatically processes rules and algorithms on your data to find your specific Sparks — things that matter.

This is especially important for all your building automation analytics in the cannabis industry. With so many systems operating at once to perfectly control the environment, manually monitoring and analyzing the performance of each one has become an insurmountable challenge as businesses scale upward for increased production.

Visualize – Trying to understand all the data you need by reading a wall of words would also be next to impossible. With SkySpark, the organized and analyzed data is presented to you in an easy-to-read and understand format. 

SkySpark software’s provides visually rich apps to graph your information in a way that lets you understand what’s happening in your facilities at a glance. You can easily create data presentations and turn them into reports and emails with SkySpark’s built-in View Builder click and point tool.

Report – To stay on top of energy-affecting issues, you need answers in the NOW. That’s why SkySpark’s analytics reports in real time. Finding out about a problem a week or month into the situation won’t generate the immediate response that you need to save your crops, time, and money. With SkySpark, if one of your fans is underperforming, negatively affecting your temperature control and causing all the other fans in your facility to work harder, you’ll see that right away.


Proven results

Currently helping clients in over 15,000 buildings and over 1 billion square feet, SkySpark has a proven track record of helping businesses improve and optimize their building automation while saving energy, time and money.

This buildings analytics software solution has been successful across multiple verticals – energy, industrial, smart residential and office buildings, government, healthcare, and agriculture. These are industries that must comply with multiple state and federal regulations and that demand near perfection in the reliability of their systems.

SkySpark’s founders, Brian Frank and John Petze, have a long-term background in the data and tech industry. Frank was a co-founder of Tridium, where Petze was CEO, and both have been extensively involved in several smart device open source initiatives.

All this experience uniquely positions SkySpark software to take the lead in helping the cannabis industry, where complex and sometimes competing regulations co-exist with the equally complex needs of your growing crops. GrowFit Analytics is your cannabis-driven connection for this software’s implementation and for SkySpark training.

GrowFit will help you individualize your SkySpark software to measure what is important to your unique building automation and agricultural needs. Just a few SkySpark examples of agricultural key performance indicators that you can track include:

  • Nutrients consumed per yield 
  • Water consumed per yield 
  • Revenue per yield
  • Yield (lb. or kg) per kWh of energy consumed
  • Man-hours per yield
  • Watts per sq. ft. or square meter

Your data on performance of all your smart and metered equipment also lets you immediately recognize deviations and problems. If part of your HVAC system or automated light, watering, or nutrient systems is not performing correctly, you’ll know it in real time. If lights are on in your flowering room when they are supposed to be off, you’ll know. 

Because you’ll catch problems early on, you’ll be able to correct issues before you have crop damage or major repair costs. So, not only will you save money on energy costs as data allows you to optimize energy expenditures, but you will also save on long-term maintenance and improve profits as you maximize crop growth and stability.

Start Saving the World (and MONEY) Today

Energy and your dollars are being wasted every minute that you wait. Contact GrowFit Analytics today to find out how implementing SkySpark at your facility can save what matters to you today.