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SkySpark Case Study

  • SkySpark Case Study

In a world bursting with fledgling cannabis analytics businesses, how do you find the right platform for your cannabis cultivation business? How do you find leading-edge, enterprise-level information applications that will truly help you create optimal grow environments, replicate those environments consistently, and maximize profits? At GrowFit, we believe the answer lies in our holistic vision for your total grow system — optimizing each aspect of that system and how those parts work together.


Advantages of GrowFit Analytics

GrowFit Analytics offers a unique background of extensive experience, high-level software partnerships, and a passion for holistic, cost-saving solutions that are tailored specifically for our clients.

  • Experience — As part of the ETC Group of companies, our team brings decades of engineering and software experience and professionalism to the cannabis data analytics process. Our platform is installed in over 55M sq/ft, optimizing commercial and manufacturing facilities for consistent performance, efficiency, and environmental setpoints. This includes operating suites, acute health care facilities, and mission critical production environments. Now, we are licensing our platform to cannabis cultivators, owners, investors, and cannabis facility managers for optimization of their crops, energy expenditures, and profits.
  • Connection — Our platform is capable of connecting to almost any subsystem. GrowFit gathers data from all your grow systems, third party sensors and monitoring systems, and any metered or smart equipment that you have – and brings that data into one central location. Even if you have multiple cannabis cultivation facilities, the data flows into one place. Anything that can be connected — the internet of things — can be pulled into our system. We can even reformat subsystem data to align with other subsystem database information in a uniform way for accuracy in analysis.
  • Holistic Approach, Including Energy — The ability to connect gives us the opportunity to monitor more than just your grow room conditions and equipment. We can also monitor and analyze your entire HVAC system along with lighting and other energy usage. Our platform not only lets you analyze and implement the perfect grow conditions for your crops, but it also allows you to analyze and manage energy spend, which is one of the biggest cost factors for the cannabis industry. This is especially significant for Indoor cannabis facility energy savings across multiple facilities.
  • Customization — You are never limited to a predetermined set of analytic rules, data tags, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We partner with SkySpark, a revolutionary data platform, which allows us to provide a solution that is exceptionally customizable — giving you unique analytics designed to bring you exactly the information you need. We’ll help you determine and customize your software so that it performs for your specific grow system and KPIs.
  • Actionable — GrowFit Analytics doesn’t just bring you lumps of data. Our platform analyzes and identifies data according to your custom metrics and KPIs to present it in a readable and actionable format. We use highly visual dashboards and real-time reporting. You’ll see what’s happening as it happens.

How These Advantages Work for You

Cannabis facility management and oversight is an extremely complex, logistically detailed process. Like all agricultural operations, your growers are creating something alive and potentially unpredictable. Trying to grow a predictably quality crop depends on controlling a long list of sensitive variables that factor into plant growth, while also maintaining and monitoring the equipment that controls those factors.

Detailed data and insights help make the growth of your plants a more predictable, scientific process. And it allows you to find ways to optimize your expenditures, maintain grow facility compliance, and maximize revenue. With GrowFit Analytics, you can:

  • Have an overview of your grow facility operations across the entire building and even across facilities in multiple locations from one platform. Even if you have cannabis growers in several states, you can pull the data in from every location. GrowFit Analytics is everywhere you need to be, without you ever having to leave your office.
  • Maximize cannabis energy savings, comply with power purchasing agreements, and potentially lower your utility bills. Our background is in optimizing buildings for energy efficiency as well as for maintaining strict environmental controls. Saving owners and investors’ money on energy spend while also improving their building environment is what we do. The more facilities you have, the more significant this savings can be.
  • Create and replicate the digital recipe of what works best for your crops at each stage of plant growth. Monitoring systems for nutrient feeding/fertilizing, watering, chemical treatments, and lighting schedules can all be connected to GrowFit Analytics. Your HVAC system, temperature controls, and vapor pressure density monitoring also connect. This brings all the systems that affect plant growth and success into one visual platform, allowing you to connect the dots of what works and when. Produce higher yields, along with the high quality taste and perfect THC levels that your clients expect and compliance regulations demand, more reliably with science-backed data.
  • See problems developing and address them before they cause major issues. This includes everything from variations in your grow facility analytics to fault monitoring for your HVAC equipment. Instead of waiting until a piece of equipment breaks down, you’ll know that it has a malfunctioning part or is producing substandard performance and why. This can help save on maintenance, repair, and replacement costs, as well as saving time that would be spend tracking down issues. Most important, it helps prevent downtime and potential damage to your crops.

The bottom line is that with GrowFit Analytics intelligence, you can improve your bottom line and increase profitability.