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  • SkySpark Case Study

Weed may look like a fast cash crop to someone who has never grown it on a large scale – the reality is that commercial growing requires hard work and constant vigilance because high-yield crops need the perfect environment.

Staying on top of every detail of your cannabis plants’ surroundings through grow room environmental control is crucial for success. Letting conditions slide away from the ideal can harm a crop quickly, and ruined crops or lower yields is lost effort, time, and money that you can’t get back.

The more you scale up your business, the harder that grow room environmental control becomes, and the more important it is not to lose money on your investment.

The Challenges

For regulatory and security reasons, cannabis grow systems are usually indoors. Although this frees you from the whims of mother nature, it also means that you don’t get any help from her either. Grow room environmental control is completely up to you.

One benefit of the outdoors that’s easy to take for granted is wind. It clears away moisture that plants release through transpiration – preventing that moisture from hovering around the plant and causing mold or susceptibility to fungus.  It also helps strengthen the stems and branches. Indoors, you must provide the ventilation that produces just the right amount of air movement around your plants as part of your grow room environmental control.

Grow room environmental controls also requires exactly the right:

  • relative humidity
  • vapor pressure
  • Co2
  • temperature
  • lighting
  • PH balance
  • irrigation
  • nutrients

Each factor affects the others. Plus, adjustments to your grow room environmental controls must be made at different stages of plant growth.

For example, depending on the kind of lighting you use, heat from lights may make it difficult to keep your grow room thermostat at the 65-85 degree sweet spot.  Or, if your grow room climate control is effective and you are producing a thriving bumper crop, your fast-growing plants will require an increasing amount of Co2. A humidity controller for grow room stages must allow for greater humidity during germination and early plant sprouting, with decreased humidity later to prevent mold and disease. All these components of grow room environmental control have to work together perfectly, from climate controllers to plant monitoring and nurturing systems.


Environmental Control Technology

Luckily, technology is rapidly evolving to make grow room environmental control more readily achievable.

An environmental control unit can be put in place to monitor each facet of your cannabis production – grow room temperature controller, grow room humidity controller, etc., – and these environmental control systems can often be tied together into one main grow room environmental controller.

Task specific hydroponic controllers and connected hydroponic environmental control systems are also available for hydroponic grow room environmental control. Growing through hydroponics instead of soil allows you to control the nutrients provided to your plants more precisely and to maintain the perfect PH balance. But to take full advantage of the advantages that hydroponic fertigation provides, you must make optimal use of quality hydroponics control systems – in a system that needs to be exact, there’s no room for guesswork.

These grow room environment controllers can regulate amounts or setpoints and timing, freeing you and your staff up from needing to be in the facility 24/7. Even in a small production facility – or even home growing – having lights and other functions on a timer ensures consistency and a healthier crop, with less work.

Connecting the Tech

For even more convenience and better grow room environmental control, many grow room controllers connect to an app on your mobile device or to grow room controller software. This lets you make changes right from your phone, iPad, or desk.

Such a computer controlled grow room takes grow room environmental control automation to the next level, letting you set and forget some tasks and closely monitor when needed. With the right program, you can tie in multiple facilities. If you are scaling up production at multiple facilities or even producing in multiple states, integrated, computerized grow room environment control systems are a must-have. You can’t possibly monitor everything in person.


Optimizing Grow Room Environmental Control

But even with computerized environmental control services, you may struggle to keep all the pieces of your grow room environmental controls moving in perfect tandem with each other. 

Grow room climate control systems allow you to set, monitor and control specific aspects of your grow room environment control, but if something isn’t working correctly, they may not tell you why. You may know your room isn’t cool enough, but not know that if it’s because your lights are overheating or because a fan in your HVAC system is malfunctioning. Or you may not realize that switching to LED lights could improve your environment and reduce your cooling costs. A grow room monitoring system alone isn’t going to solve for that.

GrowFit Analytics software helps you fully optimize all the technology that you use to provide grow room environmental control –whether it’s a humidifier controller for your grow room or a fan in the HVAC system. GrowFit can pull data into one location from each of your grow room controllers and any other metered or smart equipment that you are using.

But GrowFit doesn’t just pull in the information for you to view. It allows you to set rules and tags for data that will provide you with actionable analysis. It organizes and analyzes the data to let you determine optimal settings, see trends, and find anomalies, and displays this info through scannable visual dashboards in real time. You can even pull in historical data from excel reports. These actionable analytics take grow room environmental control into the future of profitable cannabis cultivation.

The fault monitoring GrowFit’s software alerts you to problems as they develop, allowing you to make minor adjustments or repairs before issues escalate into major maintenance expenses. Being proactive instead of reactive about your grow room environmental control helps protect your growing crops and yield rates too.

This analytic software will even alert you when your equipment is using more energy than usual to produce the same results. This can help you see equipment issues that might fly under the radar otherwise and help you save on energy costs.

And the team of engineers, scientists, and business professionals at GrowFit can help you find ways to optimize your entire system. Wondering if changing your lights to LED would be a cost-effective change to your grow room environmental control? Worried about your high energy bills caused by your HVAC system but not sure where to make improvements? The GrowFit team can help you answer these questions and more.

For grow room environmental control that produces the best results for your crops and your bottom line, contact GrowFit analytics today.